Dr. Salaheldin Halasa

Medical Specialty Board Member

Dr. Salaheldin Halasa

Dr. Halasa earned his medical degree at Tripoli University, in Tripoli Libya on 1998.

Dr. Halasa was a researcher in Immuno-Therapy at Baylor University in Texas, Clinical associate at compassionate pain management in Delaware and has published Nitromedicine articles with Dr Hamblin at Wellman Center for Photomedicine in Massachusetts.

Now he is the founder of Nitromedicine and academy of oxidative stress related diseases.

Dr. Halasa is a frequent guest speaker at renowned venues such as International Society for Optical Engineering , American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Nitric Oxide Society, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine , ISLA , Florida academy of pain medicine Photo-biology society, Boston biolife conferences and academy of stem cells physicians and academy of oxidative stress related diseases.