Jennifer Miele

Academy Board Member

Jennifer Miele

Jennifer Miele is the founder and director of Nube Health Inc. as well as the co founder and clinical director of the Baja Medgate clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

She received a HONORIS CAUSA DOCTORATE Recognition by the Instituto Mexicano de Líderes de Excelencia (Mexico City) in the area of medical research.

Jennifer specializes in medical research and nutrition and has worked with several hospitals, integrative health centers, research centers, stem cell therapy specialists, immunologists, chemists and  many specilaists in their fields. She continues to strive and accomplish a goal of offering the most integrative medical programs available.

She is focusing on medical research and development of new protocols based on an integrative approach involving a focus of PDT/ photodynamic therapy in oncology, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, endocrinology, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and nutrition.