The Oxidative Reduction System (ORS) in our bodies helps us utilize energy in cells to allow them to function. As a product of the ORS, we produce free radicals which have a chemical electrical charge. We need a certain number of these free radicals to function properly. But when the ORS system is stressed, we produce too many free radicals and they become toxic, causing an imbalance in the system: this we call Oxidative Stress (OS). OS has been found to be the root cause of most medical illnesses. This note is addressing OS in the brain which results in such neurological illnesses such as Dementia (including Alzheimer’s), Parkinsons, Depression, and even MS. Oxidative Stress produces an inflammatory reaction which then injures brain cells. We treat OS in the brain with photodynamic therapies which involve using a photo sensitizer followed by infrared laser stimulation of the brain. Studies for dementia, for example, have shown a three times better response with photodynamic therapies, than the leading pharmacologic treatments. In my center, we use the Weber Medical laser system for dementia, including the Weber Medical Helmet.

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