Paul Sedach

Academy Board Member

Paul Sedach

With over 25-years of strategic planning, non-profit management, research/analysis, and process improvement, Paul Sedach brings a skillset as a professional that optimizes productivity and maximizes efficiency. Throughout his professional career, Paul has collaborated with a broad range of clients across multiple industries including non-profit and healthcare. His visionary approach, ability to manage multiple high impact projects, and drive successful operations has been a benefit to every team he has worked for.

At the highest level, Paul is able to gather and organize highly sensitive information, build effective relationships and gain alignment with peers, functional partners and/or external partners to accomplish business objectives. Currently, he operates as an Administrative Developer where he spearheads strategic planning, administrations, managing confidential information, and performing in-depth research to execute projects at a high level. 

Former Owner of his own healthcare company that facilitated strong relationships between CNAs and patients, he recognized the need to help patients and provide the comprehensive care necessary.

Paul has been recognized for operating as a catalyst and critical thought leader for companies, strategically identifying and analyzing market trends to spark ideation and support client needs. In addition, his ability to develop systems to maximize performance and minimize effort has improved operations throughout a variety of sectors. 

His innate ability to envision a project from start to finish and work across multiple platforms to bring his vision to life makes him a valuable partner in client satisfaction and success.